Valentine’s Day is finally here! Everyone should enjoy a hug or a special treat on this love-themed holiday. One thing that surely fills our hearts each day is spending time with our beloved dogs and pets. While plenty of people spend Valentine’s Day with a significant other, a dog’s love always reminds us how unconditional, accepting, and pure these animals are!

Since we LOVE dogs and support them at The Eddie Croman Foundation, we decided to offer a bit of love and cheer for those of you without a significant other or a pup with whom to spend your holiday!

Check out the cutest dog couples on Instagram for a sweet treat:

Screenshot @peteandtally/Instagram

Screenshot @peteandtally/Instagram

1. Pete and Tally

Pete and Tally took our hearts by storm as an adorable, dynamic duo. Pete, a Labrador, and his furry sidekick, Tally, can be found cuddling together, going on adventures, and dressing up like superheroes. No wonder they’re such a hit with Instagram followers. Even when the cameras aren’t on them, they can be caught snuggling up in bed with each other. Now that’s true love!

Screenshot @harlowandsage/Instagram

Screenshot @harlowandsage/Instagram

2. Harlow & Sage

The story of Harlow & Sage is bittersweet, but a great sentiment to celebrate for Valentine’s Day. Harlow, a Weimaraner, and Sage, a Miniature Dachshund were the best friends in the whole world. They were inseparable for five years. Unfortunately, Sage passed away in 2013 and Harlow needed a new best friend. Her owners interviewed hundreds for the role. Then, she met Indiana Thunderbolt. The new companion is also a Miniature Dachshund and soon bonded with Harlow over all anything chewy. About a year ago, the duo adopted another Dachshund named Reese Lightning. The adorable family of three has a tons of photos on Instagram, mostly of them cuddling and being adorable.

Screenshot of @muppetsrevenge/Instagram

Screenshot of @muppetsrevenge/Instagram

3. Muppet & Toast

Muppet and Toast were both rescued from puppy mills where they were raised in a small pen. Muppet, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, was very distrustful of humans due to the lack of socialization and affection she encountered growing up. It took her a long time to become comfortable with people and it further impacted her owners to help advocate against puppy mills. In addition, Muppet’s sibling Toast was also a rescue dog. Toast was rescued without any teeth, but loved to eat a mix of soft and hard foods. These two relied on one another and were often seen snuggling or playing with their parents. Unfortunately, Toast passed away just a couple months ago, but this dog coupling will live in our hearts. It’s always great to browse through their respective Instagram accounts while being educated on the dangers of puppy mills!

Screenshot @buddyboowaggytails/Instagram

Screenshot @buddyboowaggytails/Instagram

4. Buddy, Boo, Waggy

Buddy, Boo, and Blue sure know how to light up our hearts! With infectious smiles and playful tails, the dog duo is currently ranked as the #15 animal influencers on Fur Card, a scoresheet based on the dogs’ total unique followers. Boo was named the world’s cutest dog and has even appeared on Good Morning America. Buddy and Boo are small peas in a pod. Together, the two feast on doggie cake, lick each other, and go on adventurous that take these pint-sized pups all around the house or neighborhood. They love posing and they love hanging out with their big brother Blue, a glamorous and loving golden retriever who brings some more joy to the wonderful household!

Screenshot of @tophergrophy/Instagram

Screenshot of @tophergrophy/Instagram

5. Topher Brophy

Although only half of this duo is canine, it’s still great to admire the matching qualities of  of this human-dog duo. Instagram famous topherbrophy has earned fame for his cuddly photos with his Aussiedoddle and twin rosenbergthedog. Yet, these aren’t your typical dog photos. Working with stylist Chantal Adair aka Instagram’s own dog styler, he and his canine have created beautiful photo productions showing off their coordinated outfits that highlight how eerily alike they look. Sporting similar brown hair, face scruff, and blue eyes, these might just be relationship goals. But they’re also some of the most identical twins in the world (in our humble opinion). The two also have an inseparable bond with the owner writing that his Aussidoodle completed him and made up his missing half. Check out the Instagram to see what themed outfit they’ll don next.

These dogs make our hearts swoon for love and joy! Be sure to follow these Instagram users and check out their sweet Valentine’s Day photos. Plus, scrolling through their photos each day is like it’s own little loving treat each day. Happy Valentine’s Day to you and your pup!