Slayer & Paco




Let me begin with the words of Supreme Court Justice, Felix Frankfurter – “Gratitude is one of the least articulate of the emotions, especially when it is deep”. Simply saying thank you does not seem like enough to express what your donation really means. As donors, it is easy to see WHO your donations assist and WHERE your donations go but it is not as easy to understand WHAT your donation means. Initially, your donation meant that we would not be forced to make an impossible decision.

Because of Frankie’s Friends, most know our Slayer was bitten on the snout several times by a poisonous snake protecting our grandchildren and 9 month old puppy, Paco, who also sustained injuries. Just three feet from where the grandchildren where playing, Paco and Slayer sensed danger and alerted the family. Once the children were safely removed, the dogs confronted what turned out to be a copperhead snake. Slayer stepped in, pushed the puppy aside and at great risk to himself, killed the threat to his family. Due to the extent of his injuries he needed 2 doses of antivenin and 4 days in the hospital, 3 of which were in intensive care.

Our family was devastated to learn that we would not be able to afford all of the care he needed. All I could think about was having to make the decision to let the venom run its course. This was crushing as without the medical intervention the prognosis was not promising. I could not imagine having to say goodbye to our beloved family member. It was only with donations raised through Frankie’s Friends that we are able to bring Slayer home.

Slayer, not named after the band, is more than a dog, and more than a pet. He is a family member that affects all of us and thus your donation means so much more than a simple financial gift.

To our family, your donation means we continue to enjoy and love our playmate, protector and guardian. A nanny dog at its finest, Slayer plays, he watches and most of all – he protects. He protects us from the innocuous bird – that is daring enough to enter the Slayer No Fly Zone that is our yard – to things so much more dangerous such as poisonous snakes. Our 5 year old grandson, will tell you that Slayer protects him and is his very best friend.

Your donation means our family continues to have our wonderful boy, our “big head”, our confidant, our therapist. His smile lifts our hearts and his kisses warms our soul. When we are happy he is there to play and when we are sad he is there to kiss away the blues and let us know that everything will be ok.

To Slayer your donation means he will continue to receive the love, attention and companionship promised to him when he rescued us and joined our home 3 short years ago.

Your donation means our family is complete and for that our family will be forever grateful. Thus, we say our simple thank you to Frankie’s Friends and to all those who donate to such a wonderful cause and hope that these words somehow convey the emotions expressed with our gratitude.

Melissa Butt and Family



To Everyone at Frankie’s Friends,

Two weeks ago, I came home from work to find my 3.5 year old cat, George, in a state of terrible distress. He was laying on the floor barely moving and making an occasional, sad howl. I felt panicked and helpless as all my efforts to soothe him were unsuccessful. Within the hour George and I were in the BluePearl Veterinary clinic on W 15th street in Manhattan. I was told that George had a block in his urinary tract that would prove fatal if he didn’t receive a procedure to remove the block immediately and needed to stay overnight. I anxiously waited to hear word of George’s condition and hoped for the best.
Unfortunately the next morning I received a call with more bad news. The damage was worse than they initially thought and he would need to undergo two surgeries in order to survive and live a healthy life. Having already borrowed money for the first procedure, these additional surgeries were not in the cards for me financially and I wasn’t eligible for financing. I thought I was going to lose him, I was completely devastated.

After exhausting all options and coming up with no viable solutions, the team at BluePearl then introduced me to the Frankie’s Friends foundation. It sounded too good to be true and I broke down in tears of gratitude and relief when I received the news that George was an eligible candidate.

With the help of Frankie’s Friends, George received both the surgeries he needed and as of today (two weeks post surgery) has been given the okay to come home.

George is not just a pet he is family to me. When I moved to New York City after college, I didn’t have my family close by. I came across George in a posting by the ASPCA and knew that we were meant for one another. He was a rescue so it took some time, but over the course of our years together we have created an undeniable bond. He makes my apartment feel like home and brings endless joy and laughter to my life with his quirky, grumpy yet lovable personality. The thought of not having him around was overwhelming and I know he wouldn’t be here without the generosity of everyone involved with your foundation. Thanks to you, I can now look forward to hearing his little paws padding around my apartment and seeing him curled up in his favorite sunny window again.

We still have a long road ahead of us but because of Frankie’s Friends, George has the opportunity to live the healthy, happy life he deserves. Words are not enough to express our gratitude but please know that we hold you dear to our hearts and look forward to being able to contribute to the foundation in the future.


Please see the attached story of Diesel, a pit bull that was just helped in Queens last week after suffering from a heat stroke. Click Here.


After what has been a very trying and emotional year personally for me, a week before Christmas I was finally ready to welcome a new special furry friend into my life. After meeting a few great dogs at some of the shelters, when I met this beautiful but skinny dog, with his sad hound eyes and grey whiskers on his face, I knew we both needed some love in our lives. Albie has been the best dog, easily trained, fattened up easily ;-), so happy to meet other dogs, and so patient and kind. The first time he perked up and wagged his tail at me when I came home I thought my heart had melted… Yet he had a hacking cough that wouldn’t go away… He went through over a month of vet visits, antibiotics, tests and X-rays, still with no definitive diagnoses or tangible improvement. Our vet suggested seeing a specialist at BluePearl and my hope was waning. I knew I was already nearly exhausting my finances and there was talk of tests beyond my fiscal reach. I can’t tell you what a helpless and heartbreaking feeling it was, to believe that you could give this special dog a better life, then not have the means to give him what he needs. When I met with the doctors at Blue Pearl, who were beyond any expectation I could have had for caring and proficient treatment, and they told me about the Eddie Croman fund and Frankie’s Friends, I could feel a little bud of hope starting to bloom for Albie and me…

I cannot express enough gratitude for this first real chance for Albie and I and our life together, a hopefully healthy as well as happy one for a long time!


Hello, My name is Tyni. I am a 4 month old poodle and I have a wonderful family. I received your help to fix my congenital heart disease. Thank you!


Thank you, Frankie’s Friends and especially the Eddie Croman Fund, for being there for me and my Emma. She is much better now; breathing and moving around more easily once more. Emma was rescued in the Bronx back in 2008. She is very sweet and has a charm all her own. I am very thankful for your help in determining what ailed my dear Emma.


Dear Frankie’s Friends, Thank you so much for being an amazing foundation for pets in need.  My little buddy, Poco (12-years-old), developed sick sinus syndrome making it necessary for her to receive a pacemaker.  Sick sinus syndrome affects the electrical impulses in the heart and was causing Poco’s heart to slow down so much so that it was literally stopping for 10-second periods.  Every time this happened, Poco would fall over, looking frightened, until her heart would start back up again.  It was scary for her and stressful for me not knowing if one of these episodes would be too much for her.

When I found out Poco needed a pacemaker I had no idea how I was going to pay for such a serious operation.  Then I found out about  Frankie’s Friends, who came to Poco’s rescue and helped us get the care she desperately needed.  I can’t tell you how thankful I am for the kindness of your foundation.  I know how many animals you’ve helped already and now you’ve made it possible for me to have my partner in crime around for, hopefully, years to come.  If Poco could talk, I know she’d scream a big “Thank you!” to Frankie’s Friends and your Eddie Fund!

Thank you soooooo much!

Kenny and Poco


Sunny is a tabby cat who was seen for a urethral obstruction and needed a cystostomy (a surgical incision on his bladder) to be performed.
Sunny’s mom says, “I can’t thank you enough for the support provided. It means the world to me. I extend my deepest gratitude to you guys. Thank you so much!”


Catniss is a 4 year old long hair domestic cat that needed surgery to damaged tissue/foreign objects as well as drain placement. I’m not sure what happened, but I’ll find out! Sounds like she ate something she shouldn’t!


Hobi is a 4 year old domestic short hair cat that also needed a catheter placed to helped with a blocked urinary tract. These are really common in male cats, and unfortunately expensive and very painful.


Lexie is a 1 year old shepherd mix who needed surgery to repair degenerative joint disease in his right pelvis after sustaining an injury. Not sure what the injury is, but again, I’ll find out. Poor pup!


Jackson is a 10 year old retreiver mix that needed surgery. I can’t quite determine from the invoice what the surgery was for, but we’ll definitely get more info for you.


Cupcake is a 2 year old maltese mix that needed to stay over night after aspirating with a pneumonia. She needed fluids and oxygen therapy to feel better.
Cupcake’s mom says, “I appreciate this help I’m receiving. This opportunity has made my day. Cupcake means a lot to me. This fund has truly made a difference with the circumstances I was given today. Cupcake and I are thankful!”