About the Eddie Croman Foundation

The Eddie Croman Heart & Kidney Fund was created by the Croman family in memory of their special pup, Eddie, a Jack Russell terrier, who lived past his 17th birthday! He was diagnosed with an irregular heartbeat, for which he received a pacemaker and medication that helped normalize his heartbeat.

Eddie was little, but mighty, and he won everyone’s heart.

The Eddie Croman Fund assists pets with heart and/or kidney disease, whose families cannot afford the cost of treatment.

Frankie’s Friends, the umbrella organization above Eddie Croman Fund:

frankies-friends-logoFrankie’s Friends is a national nonprofit organization dedicated to finding cures and saving pets with cancer and other life threatening conditions. We save pets’ lives by providing grants to help with the cost of life-saving or life-enhancing emergency or specialty care for pets whose families cannot afford the full cost of treatment.

These grants are provided through “Hope Funds” that are set up in each state.

In New York, thanks to the incredible support and generosity of the Croman family, we call the “Hope Fund” the “Eddie Croman Fund” to honor their beloved pet, Eddie, as we help to save pets in that state.

The Eddie Croman Fund isn’t separate from Frankie’s Friends, it’s just another name for the “Hope Fund” in that particular state. All of the donations are made to and processed by Frankie’s Friends as we hold the 501c3 tax exempt nonprofit status with the IRS.


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Jan 14th, 2019 – “Everything has been going really well. Jester went through six months of chemotherapy. During that time, he continued to work and be happy to help me and be my loving partner. He had his bad days from the medication, but he powered through them always wanting to help. We had our one month post treatment checkup yesterday and Jester checked out in complete remission. He is healthy, playing and working everyday helping me. None of this would be possible without Frankie’s Friends generosity. I will be forever grateful. Every day we get with him is a gift. ”


January 10, 2019 – My name is Kyle, I’m 24 and live alone. My friend actually got Jasmine and another gray cat named Sammy for him and his girlfriend and we were all roommates at the time. I remember the day he brought him home he told me, “This is not your cat, Kyle”. I’ve always had dogs my entire life and had just went through losing the black lab I grew up with a few years earlier. So this little black kitty melted my heart with his green eyes and red undercoat in the sunlight. I was excited to be around this tiny little kitten.


Originally Jasmine was thought to be a she, but after a trip to the vet and a surprise during surgery, she was a boy all along. Upon returning home and recovering, he instantly became my pal. Always hanging out right next to me or on my lap. As time went on his buddy Sammy was lost to a neurological problem and our bond seemed to grow stronger. We would always play on his bungee chair and he loves to chase and be chased. Eventually I moved and I asked to take Jasmine because I was taking care of him. So from then on Jasmine and I have been best friends. He is very affectionate, I can’t come in the door without him tripping me for a good petting session and he will follow me into every room. I love him like he is my child.

We have never been to the vet other than for some shots and routine check ups. So when I saw him acting funny and looking uncomfortable it made my heart sink thinking he was in pain. I rushed him to the emergency vet and they took him in. When the vet told me he had a urinary blockage and what it was going to take to save my best friends life, I was a mess. Having to tell the vet I couldn’t afford the operation, I felt so guilty there was nothing I could do, I was ready to give up everything to save him. When she told me what Frankie’s Friends was going to do, I was speechless. I cried everyday he was in the hospital and I went to see him as many times as I could, making sure he knew I was there for him. It also is a reminder of what it means to be a pet owner and that not being prepared for things like this can mean life or death of your best friend.

To all of the people involved in Frankie’s Friends and at BluePearl, Jasmine and I can’t thank you enough. What you do for people is absolutely amazing.


January 7th, 2019 – I’m a 90 year old widow who received Bentley as a comfort gift after I lost my husband of 50 years to cancer. He has definitely been a godsend and the protector that I need from time to time. And I can’t imagine life without him.

I’m now regretting the fact that I’m not in a position to pay for his surgery. I’m at a loss but I’m determined to locate someone who’s willing to help me with this financial burden I’m stressed with. In the meantime I’m praying that your organization will help me help save my best friend and protector.

I would like to take this time to say THANK YOU to everyone who is  doing all that they can to assist me with my baby Bentley. Please keep us in your prayers, because when he hurts I  feel the pain.

You would never know how hard it was to find someone who is willing to help. I salute you all and pray that you all will be able to help.


January 7th, 2019 – So this is my story of how Frankie’s Friends helped to save my little horseshoe. I was in Dallas, Texas over Christmas holiday and my sister was watching my 2 dogs including my little Chihuahua. Apparently there was a dog fight and my Chihuahua got bitten in the eye and that popped her eye out. I did not have the money for the surgery when I got the call as my husband had passed away earlier in the year.

Frankie’s Friends paid for the surgery for my dog and without that generosity and the donors my dog probably would have been put down because there was no way for me to be able to have paid for that surgery. For that I’m incredibly grateful.

She is home and back to herself adjusting well and playing again. I’m home a week later and she has not left my side since.

She got her stitches out today so I wanted to share a picture of her with you and tell you a little bit about her. She is six years old – when my husband and I got her together she was just 5 weeks old.

She has always been the life of the party and in charge. She rents the house and demands attention – she even runs our horses. They can never miss a chance to get out there and roll in all the fresh horse poop.

I’m anxious to see how that will go with her just having one eye and I’ll probably be a little bit more paranoid about it, but her personality is still there.

I have noticed that my bulldog is a little bit more protective of her and won’t let anybody around her.

So thank you for helping me keep her.

Allah God-bless you all.


January 7th, 2019 – Blossom contracted Leptospirosis and we were told she was not going to make it. Her kidney levels were at a high of 10 and normal levels are 1 or 2. Frankie’s Friends helped us pay for her stay in the ICU and all the medical treatment needed to help her get past another night.

Blossom had a fighting chance with Frankie’s Friends and in return we paid it forward as we wanted to give that same hope and help to another family like us that needed the assistance.

Thank you again, Frankie’s Friends.


About Jake Croman

Jake Croman
Jake Croman

As the co-founder of the Eddie Croman Fund, Jake Croman’s insight helped to establish a nonprofit that supports the medical expenses of underserved families with sick or disabled dogs and pets. Continuing his involvement with the charity — a subsidiary of the larger nonprofit organization Frankie’s Friends — Jake empathizes with the strong bond between pet and its owner.

A recent graduate of the University of Michigan, Jake Croman is an entrepreneur. Jake understands the significance of ethical leadership and diversity in today’s media landscape and how it shapes innovation and success for future generations.

The Croman family recently raised $26,484.45 with the help of their friends and family for Frankie’s Friends Ronald O. Thomas Foundation challenge.

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