//Instagram Dogs We Love

Instagram Dogs We Love

Move over Selena Gomez, Instagram dogs are the new celebrities of the Internet. There’s no way we can avoid those puppy dog eyes and those big fur balls of love. Every year, a new pup comes onto the scene

Maya Samoyed

Maya is the reigning Queen of Fluff. She is the ultimate definition of the word “fluffy”. As a two-year-old Samoyed with over 1.1 million Instagram followers, this pup loves to gallop into water fountains, feast on human snacks and balance dog treats on the top of her head like an pro.

Aspen the Mountain Pup

Majestic doesn’t come close to describing this Mountain pup. Aspen takes vacations like nobody’s business. The Golden Retriever from Colorado offers a glimpse into his outdoor excursions and shares some beautiful, dramatic landscapes like clear beaches, wide open expanses and snow-capped mountains. His adventures in nature may just inspire to get up and go on your own.

Bodhi the Menswear Dog

He’s stylish, he’s popular. The fashion world’s next big star is…a dog? That’s right, Bodhi the Menswear dog is serving up some style of his very own. His Instagram holds 373k followers who are delighted by this pup’s sleek, on point style. If you’re in need of some fashion inspiration then look no further.

Chewie the Pomeranian 

We could definitely take a bite out of Chewie for being so cute! This pomeranian posts tons of pictures hi-fiving but he also loves to sport some of the cutest, tiniest Hawaiian shirts. It’s also no surprise why they call this pup Chewie because he poses with some of the most mouth-watering foods on his daily excursions. Check out his Insta!

Doug the Pug

You can’t go wrong following Dug the Pug’s Instagram. This sweet pug is living his best life. Whether he’s eating watermelon, swaddled in blankets or enjoying the seaside, Doug the Pug always seems down to party. With 3.8 million followers, he’s got a lot of friends to party with!

If we’d see any of these dogs in real life, we’d probably lose our cool as if we were seeing a real life celebrity! Who is your favorite dog to follow on Instagram?

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